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This site is used to help you as a guide on your journey through the Bless Unleashed game on Playstation, Xbox and PC. You can find a list of dungeon drop items, blessings, vendor items and more by clicking on one of the classes below. You can also click on the menu button to the top right at any time to see guides, recipes and other helpful resources. Enjoy!

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Instructions on Navigating the Site

When navigating the site, click on the class you are interested in above. Once you land on that class’ page, click on one of the buttons depending on what you are searching for. When trying to find certain items on the site, you can use shortcut keys after you click on your class. Key commands per device are as follows:

  • Windows: (Control + F)
  • Mac: (Command + F)
  • Safari: Action Icon that looks like a square with an arrow pointing upward. Then click “Find on Page”.
  • Chrome: Menu Icon that looks like 3 horizontal dots. Then click on “Find on Page”.

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