How to Failstack/Enhance Efficiently

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I’m making this post because a lot of people say “enhancing is easy now, just failstack to 15% or more and hit the common enhancer and you’re good”. This vague statement gives an illusion that enhancing will hardly cost any seed or time to get your item to Mythic and causes players to get frustrated when their enhancing experience doesn’t go perfectly. Just like any MMO, leveling up will take time and resources. Breaking and failing is still a part of the system and is meant to slow down the process and cost you more resources so that only the more committed players will get to the endgame. Over time, you will get there! The great things about the new update for the enhancement system are:
  1. Cores are more abundant due to the addition of Epic drops instead of only Rare drops

  2. It is possible to spend more cores instead of seed to enhance your items, thus allowing more options and resources to use for enhancing your equipment which were not available before. And finally,

  3. You now have more control over your risk


Firstly, if you happen to get 15% or more at any point in this process, then stop and go upgrade your A gear using one of the UPGRADE METHODS below. Use the unlicensed enhancer during this whole process.

  1. Upgrade an epic B item to legendary then keep it there (easy if you use your epic +5 drops).

  2. Move to an epic B or C item and keep upgrading it until it breaks or is destroyed enough times that you have 7.5% or more chance stacked up (I call this the “first stack”).

  • If a B or C item reaches legendary during this step that you didn’t expect (this can be a good thing), move onto another epic. I like to save the legendaries for the “second stack” after I have stacked 7.5% or more from breaking/destroying epics because legendaries have a lot less chance to succeed. you want to take advantage of that smaller chance of success for when you’ve stacked up 7.5% or more from your first stack.

  1. Once you’ve completed your first stack, attempt your second stack using your legendary B item from step 1 (or step 2).

  • This takes advantage of the fact that legendaries have a higher chance to fail. Sometimes your legendary may fail and you will have only 12.5%. If this happens, try the legendary again OR if you have a legendary or mythic B piece as a part of your build, use the attempt on this piece instead via the common enhancer (This way, if your 12.5% succeeds, then you just increased your GS, but if it fails, you only have to pay 1k to repair it and you can use the 17.5% to enhance the A piece you’re working on).

If at any point an upgrade succeeds before you have reached 15% or more, then start this process over from step 1. In other words, keep repeating this process until you have 15% or more stacked up, then use one of the UPGRADE METHODS below to attempt to upgrade your A gear.

Keep in mind, this process uses a good amount of cores. Your other option is to spend seed by purchasing embers on the MP. This is a matter of what resource you’d like to use. However, with the current MP prices, the price of embers skyrockets for legendary and mythic items and the additional % they provide is very small. the price of failstacking stays the same no matter the rarity level. So I recommend once your A item hits legendary, use failstacking instead of purchasing embers. For Rare items, I recommend just buying a bunch of embers because they’re so cheap (using 4 to 5 embers is good, but use more or less depending on how much risk you want to take) and then upgrade via the common enhancer. For Epic items, I recommend doing a mix of this failstacking method and buying some embers to help you along and upgrade via the common enhancer.


On average, the Master enhancer method will cost you more seed while the common enhancer method will cost you more cores.

Master enhancer method: Buy sigils on the MP which will cost you seed. When you fail at the master, you just have to try again because you will retain your failstack. no need to repeat the FAILSTACK PROCESS, but it will cost you more seed for the sigils.

Common enhancer method: Give it a whirl at the common enhancer for less seed. However, when you fail at the common, your A item will break. You will need to spend 50k seed (or 5k cores, or you can buy a duplicate of the item on the MP if it’s less than 50K seed) to repair your item and your item will be one level lower. You will gain 5% chance for your next attempt which is good, but once you succeed you’re only getting back to where you started. You will then need to repeat the FAILSTACK PROCESS over again which will cost more cores.

So figure out what resource you would like to spend more of. I personally go with the master enhancer method once my A gear is legendary because I think seed is easier to obtain and keeps a healthy balance between your cores and seed. It also is less frustrating because you never go backwards and end up worse than where you started. But the choice is yours! Please understand that the choice is YOURS, not the GMs or Devs!

Remember, there WILL be times where you get bad RNG, you have to accept that and play the odds. YOU are to blame for skimping on your % chance and trying your luck. Your strategy should just be to use a % chance and method that you feel comfortable with. I have provided you advice on what I believe to be the best method for the AVERAGE player. If you HATE going backwards, then use more resources to increase your % and use the master enhancer. If you don’t mind the consequences of taking risks, then that’s up to you.


Information gathered by Bäiley.

There is more to gathering than meets the eye. Say your goal is to become a self made millionaire, this could be done by using the most efficient farming methods and selling resources to the lazier side of the community. If you wish to learn the best advice and tips about gathering you’ll need to read through this entire section. This may require several read throughs so please be prepared.

If you were to ask me what I believe to be the best class at gathering I would respond with priest and mage.

Why would I chose those two you might ask? Well priest and mage are the only class with a piece of A gear that increases % gathering speed, this means it can reach a higher % bonus than any other class. Apart from that mages can use “double blink” which teleports you forward two times, this can be quite helpful if you run out of stamina while gathering nodes!

Gathering speed bonus might not work as you think.

The bonus removes % from the total amount of time.

What that means is that if you have 100% gathering speed bonus you won’t pick up everything at two times the normal speed, you’ll be picking up nodes instantly!

Materials and where to get them:

Carzacor-Navarra-Gnoll Wastes:

  • Iron Ore
  • Ruby (random drop from mining) 
  • Lumios Root
  • Thin Branch
  • Unripe Fruit (random drop from trees)


  • Silver Ore
  • Ruby(Random drop from mining)
  • Breath Mushroom
  • Flexible Branch
  • Ripe Fruit (random drop from trees)

Kannus Valley-Kannus Mountains:

  • Gold Ore
  • Pyrite (Random drop from mining)
  • Ruby (Random drop from mining)
  • Dawn Fern
  • Holy Crysantheum (Random drop from gathering)
  • Thick branch 
  • Common Fruit (random drop from trees)

Timeless Jungle-Zenkala:

  • Stellarite Ore
  • Grinding Stone (random drop from mining)
  • Ruby (random drop from mining)
  • Foxeye Grass
  • Thorny Lotus (Random drop from gathering)
  • ? Branch

Beoran-Ostium-Eidolon Forest:

  • Lunarite Ore
  • Mordant stone  (Random drop from mining)
  • Ruby  (Random drop from mining)
  • Jewel .. fruit? 
  • Wild Rose (random drop from gathering)
  • Beoswill-something branch
  • Aged Fruit  (Random drop from trees)

Different buffs for gathering:





Ring of The wolf is the best one with + 15% , dropped at the Den of the wolf accesible at lvl 28, but there is also one that drops from the lvl 24 lair that gives +10%

Valor Perks (monthly payment, you got 3 months free when u bought the early acess) gives 25%

Food buff range from 5-15-20%

Lunchbox buff 10% or 15% if i remember correclty, unlocked at lvl 9 cooking

Below is a video of mine that shows what it looks like when you have all the buffs combined!

50 gathers in 15 seconds 😀

Adding to all of this:

Always use the Union buff that has a 5% chance to give you double the material and 1% to give you triple. This triggers more often than you think.

The 50% buff you can get from the Lumena store is worth it, but not the one for “logging”.


Information gathered by Bai & Pyreborn. Original post link: CLICK HERE

Very detailed Invastion info by Pyreborn Site. Definitely check out the Post link: CLICK HERE

Each Invasion has a reset timer of 8 hours

Each Invasion has an altar that needs to be activated.  

Requirements are shared across all channels. 

  • Creatures of Chaos | Essence of Chaos  (Kannus Mountains) The Cursed Mountain crusade needs to be completed 3 times after the invasion becomes available. Activate the altar at Rutus Road before starting the crusade.

  • A Frozen Fate | Essence of Ice (North Sperios)Kill Footpads after activating the altar.

  • Seed of Destruction | Essence of Growth (Padana): Kill Nightrunners after activating the altar.

  • A Searing Assault | Essence of Fire (South Sperios): Kill Footpads after activating the altar.

  • The Cult of the Purifiers | Essence of Light (Navarra): Activate the altar and kill Wild Horn Buffalo.

  • A Spreading Blight | Essence of Growth (Carzacor): A level 28 treant entitled “Messenger of Destruction” will spawn after activating the altar. Kill it to begin the invasion.

  • Warriors of the Jungle | Essence of Fire (Gnoll Wastes): Activate the altar and kill pumas.

  • A Spreading Darkness | Essence of Darkness (Tristezza): Activate the altar and kill 6 cyclops. The respawn timer for cyclops is 28 minutes so after the first 3-4 kills.

  • Subterranean Invader | Essence of Ice (Zenkala): Activate the altar and kill 3 Volcanic Wyverns.

  • Discord and Disease | Essence of Chaos (Timeless Jungle): Activate the altar and kill the local wildlife. 

Rare Tames

Information gathered by QueenOfTaming

If you follow me on Reddit you will know that it has taken my team (Fievel, and Ninja) and I over 3 months of dedicated, daily work on putting this together. This was originally shared on Reddit a few months ago so that everyone had the chance to tame these elusive mounts and I’m sharing it again on here in a more accessible format for newer players.

This guide explains the Rare tame mechanics, including their spawn times and locations, as well as how to tame using a trap.

Rare Tames

Unlike “regular” tames, which come from almost any animal on the map and can be tamed, there are only 6 rare tames. These tames are even more limited as they have 5 fixed spawns each at which only 1 animal spawns per channel every set interval. This interval varies per tame as per below:

  • Giant Panda – 6 Hours

  • Moonwind Lioness – 6 Hours

  • Goldenwave Ordia – 12 Hours

  • Razortusk – 12 Hours

  • Crimson Pillager – 24 Hours

  • Ghost Stag – 24 Hours

As such, it is important to know when the last animal was tamed (or killed) so that you know when to expect the next spawn. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as certain players/guilds tend to monopolize rare tames and will often quote a wrong time to mislead anyone trying to tame. Read on to see how to get accurate times…

Spawn Timers

Maintenance sets the stage for the week. Rare tames will spawn as soon as the server is up and that is your best chance to get a tame. For this reason, this is the most popular time for people to go hunting and tames will often get snatched within minutes. They will respawn again at 6/12/24 hours after their captured time so make sure to keep track of these times! The despawn timer lasts 30 minutes so for every respawn you miss there is an additional 30 minute window added on to the next respawn – though usually these are rarely delayed by over 20 minutes due to popularity.


It is possible for the developers to bring the server up before it is available to the public which gives tames a chance to despawn before you’re able to log on. If you check for them again at the next respawn 30 minutes earlier there is a chance you will find them. This depends on how long the maintenance lasts – if it was 2 hours, the tames could have despawned at any time; for example, if they despawned the 1 hour mark going to the next one 30 minutes early would still give them a chance to despawn a second time.


Note that servers are usually up before the players are notified, so you may have an advantage if you persistently try to log back on until it lets you in. Additionally, while tames usually spawn exactly 6/12/24 hours after their last capture/kill, they have been known to occasionally spawn later by a few minutes. Do yourself a favor and find a team with like-minded goals, and make notes. Write down the times you see each channel spawn even if they aren’t caught by you or your team. The more communication the better. It isn’t impossible for solo players, but it is easier with a team because you can watch more than one spawn location at a time.

The map below now has all 30 spawn locations – 5 spawns per tame. Upon each interval reset the rare will spawn at one of the five possible locations, with each channel getting 1 spawn. Sadly, the recent server reduction to 2 channels per server means there are fewer overall tames, and with no changes to spawn times this has made them even more rare.

Taming Process

Now that you know where and when to tame, if you’re lucky enough to be at the location of the spawn you should know how to tame it. Unlike regular tames, you don’t beat rares into submission. If you see someone doing this, chances are they want to kill it purely so you can’t tame it.


If you go to a Mount Merchant, where you usually buy whistles/calls, you are able to purchase the Rare Species Trap. If a Rare tame steps on this trap, a popup will show on the screen giving you 10 seconds to begin the QTE (Quick Time Event); this is slightly more difficult than with normal tames. The animal then goes to your Animal Pen in your Estate in much the same way as with regular tames, with a chance to either be Livestock to be turned into resources or a mount that produces its Mount Card. So don’t get too excited about your first rare tame as chances are it won’t be a mount… Livestock cannot and will never become a mount.


Anyhow, in order for the rare to step into the Rare Species Trap you will need to herd it. The animals are permanently docile, meaning if you approach them they will run away – likewise, if you hit them, they will remain docile and keep running away from you instead of towards you. I would suggest you hit it as trying to herd it naturally is awkward as it will run away and then return to normal walking even if you are close. You then have to back off and walk towards it again. If you hit it instead it will keep running away.

Star Seeds

Information gathered by OlgaTiglo. Original post link: CLICK HERE

Starseeds are a Bless Unleashed currency, used to purchase items from the Marketplace, Limited Time Vendor, Revive yourself, weapons enhancements, upgrades or use Telepost’s around the game world. You’ll get your first thousand, from Olvera in Carzacor’s Plaza when you reach level five for 1,500 gold.

Everyday, Olvera resets and allows you to purchase more StarSeeds for ingame gold.

Reset time: Every day 11:00 UTC.

Daily Amount Bonuses

So the Lumena shop or Marketplace, will have StartSeed Bonuses you can pay for Cash/StarSeeds.

You will need 2,300 Lumena for both boosters, which can be purchased through the xbox store. Clicking the ingame store, you can press Y to recharge your balance. 2,300 will cost you £16.74 though.

Ingame marketplace will vary.

  • Basic Star Seed Booster is 20% – Price 30 days for 800 Lumena.

  • Advanced Star Seed Booster is 40% – Price thirty days for 1,500 Lumena.

  • Buying both boosters, will stack the amount to total 60% more each day.

Gold needed / Starseeds gained.

  • Level 05 – 1,500g / 1,000ss (1,200ss Basic) – (1,400ss Advanced) – (1,600ss both)

  • Level 11 – 7,600g / 4,000ss (4,800ss Basic) – (5,600ss Advanced) – (6,400ss both)

  • Level 16 – 16,200g / 6,000ss (7,200ss Basic) – (8,400ss Advanced) – (9,600ss both)

  • Level 21 – 31,200g / 8,000ss (9,600ss Basic) – (11,200ss Advanced) – (12,800ss both)

  • Level 26 – 56,500 / 11,000ss (13,200ss Basic) – (15,400ss Advanced) – (17,600ss both)

So daily reset at 26 for each character, will give the following amounts –

  • 30,000ss (*no buffs* per day) – 900,000ss per month

  • 36,000ss (20% Basic per day) – 1,080,000ss per month

  • 42,000ss (40% Advanced per day) – 1,260,000ss per month

  • 48,000ss (Both 20+40% per day) – 1,440,000ss per month

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